Tourist attractions in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Don’t know where to go on vacation? Let’s explore some tourist attractions in Indonesia, more precisely in North Sulawesi ( Manado ) .

During the holidays, there are so many people want to try something new . One of the beauty view in Indonesia is the area of North Sulawesi. I born in Manado ( Tondano ) and i think there are so many culture and traditional food in Manado . The spicy food is the best known in Manado . Manado has a very spicy food that can make your tounge fire πŸ˜…πŸ˜… .. Yass , thats true . If you want to try , you can come here and look some of view in Indonesiaa ☺ ..

There are some of Tourist attractions :

1. Bunaken

This is a Manado tourist spot that may not be unknown to travel lovers. With the most beautiful scenery in the world, this marine park was designated as one of the 2005 world heritage sites by Unesco. Therefore, it is not surprising that many marine biota, various coral reefs, colorful and beautiful fish, make this place like a paradise for lovers of diving, snorkeling and photography. There are more than 30 diving spots available, and certainly makes us feel at home for a long time diving.

2. Lihaga Island

The island-lihaga-manado , the island which is located in the Minut area, near the city of Manado is exotic and visitors can get a white sand beach with clear blue and green water. A friendly and calm wave does not make visitors unable to surf, but tourists can relax, sunbathe and play water on the edge of this beautiful beach. Even though visitors will be charged an entrance fee, but the view given is paid off with an amazingly beautiful and calming view on the island. Lihaga Island is not too many visitors because it has not been exposed. However, the scenery on the island of Lihaga can be pitted with tourist attractions in the Maldives.

3. Hill of love

In accordance with the name of hill of love, visitors can see five houses of religious worship in Indonesia in one place. Travelers are welcomed with a 22-meter monument called the Tolerance Monument. This pentagon-shaped monument on each side contains symbols of each religion with quotes from the scriptures of each religion. Above, there are five places of worship connected with winding roads, and there are white cross towers up to 50 meters high

4. Tomohon

Popular tourist attractions in Ubud Bali do attract tourists. However, there are many interesting places that we can see in the Tomohon area. In addition to interest tours as written in point number nine above, the city of Tomohon is very interesting to explore. The reason is, Tomohon City which is flanked by two mountains, namely Lokon Mountain and Mahawu Mountain, presents panoramic views of mountains and hills. Lush flowers and three-color lakes are one of Tomohon’s main destinations. Located approximately one hour from the city of Manado, Lake Linow which is located in the Tomohon area can change into 3 colors namely green, blue and brownish yellow. Lokon Mountain is a volcano that is still active and in 2014 it had erupted.

This is the link when u want to read more in bahasa ( indonesia language ) πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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