Student Academic Advisor (PA)

One of the uniqueness of Lokon St.Nikolaus Tomohon High School which is very rarely found in other schools is having Academic Advisors. Academic counselors are those teachers. Each student must have an Academic Advisor who has been determined by the school. Academic Supervisors have the obligation to become students’ guardians, meaning that when they receive the results students no longer go to take results with classmates but in their respective PA rooms. In one PA there are students from different levels ranging from grades 10 to 12. This is done so that students can mingle with more people. For morning apples students line up according to their respective PAs not with classmates. In one PA there can be 15 students.

Lokon High School gives each PA student each to help them learn and help students adjust to the school environment. If students are not comfortable at school or have problems with grades, they can consult with their respective PAs and certainly PA will help and advise. PA also plays an important role in the development of students at Lokon High School.



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