How to Overcome Stress and Depression 🍃🍂

This are six way How to overcome Stress and Depression :

  • Relax for a moment and take a deep breath

Relax can make your brain calm . Sit in a comfortable chair, try to take a deep breath many times, until your body becomes more relaxed. Take a moment to think about problems. When you are at a relaxed point, try to track your problems one by one, what is the cause, where the mistakes are, think about the resolution plans one by one. That way you can get a more effective solution if you think about it with a cold mind.

  • Do an Exercise

Do exercise on your body so that the mind becomes more fresh, and body stamina is maintained. With a refreshed body, the mind will also be more open and ready to deal with stress well.

  • Go on vacation

If you enoxperience stress due to the environment, it might be worth taking your weekend to vacation a little further. A time to vacation to a place of recreation, or a beautiful natural park. Look at the wider environment and open area, so that you will be distracted from the stress of daily stress. After a vacation, stress will decrease.

  • Building principles and being assertive

You need clearness and clear principles of life in managing or organizing stress on yourself. You must be able to determine what makes you so depressed and able to make decisions decisively to resolve the stressors.

  • Tell stories to others

At least tell the closest and trusted person about the problems that make you stressful. By telling a story, you will get support, input and motivation to get back up.

  • Watching a funny videos

When you are very stressed out a lot of problems, try a distraction technique like watching funny videos, as a distraction. A depressed mind will be released and focus on moving on funny things that trigger laughter. All the nerves and muscles of the body become more relaxed and neutral again

Its so many people moreover students that having stress and depression . But no one can embrace them because they are very misterious . The teachers should know there are many students in this world are trapped into darkness , they doesn’t know how to go out and how to make their fake smile yo be a real smile . Someday , in their mind will full of no one can understand me , nothing can believ me , and no one can help me .

This is for all parents in the world

There are so many school in this world , if you want your childrens to become a successfull person you must know that they have rights and obligations . Don’t make them depressed, just give them a chance to choose their own life with their own way .

For all the student in this world

” Don’t be afraid to be different with the others , don’t make your own life broken just because you didn’t have a happy life . Remember , in this world they are many people that has a different mind . Be brave to choose your way and follow your heart choice”

If you want to read in indonesian language you can open the link below 👇👇

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