characteristic of stress and depression

Let’s talk about the characteristic of stress and depression . Do you know the about stress and depression? Do you agree if i say Stress is different with Depression ? . If you want to know the answer , read my blog before 😁 .. You’ll get an answer ☺ ..

Now i want to give you a few of stress and depression symptoms .. keep enjoy guysss 😄

Stress symptoms
Stress can occur to anyone, including Hardschool-age children. Pay attention to the following symptoms of depression to find out if you are experiencing stress or depression

  • Hard to sleep
  • Memory disorders
  • Disturbance concentrates
  • Changes in diet
  • Easy to get angry and offended
  • Often nervous or nervous
  • Feel overwhelmed with work at school or office
  • Feeling afraid of not being able to complete tasks properly

Symptoms of depression

  • Signs of depression are far more complicated than symptoms of stress. Its appearance can be gradual so it is difficult to really realize when depression first attacked. Here are various symptoms of depression that usually occur.
  • Withdraw from the social and family environment
  • Feel sad as if there is no hope anymore
  • Missing enthusiasm, motivation, energy, and stamina
  • Difficult to make decisions
  • Eat less or more than usual
  • Sleep for longer or longer than usual
  • Difficult to concentrate
  • It’s hard to remember
  • Feeling guilty, failing, and alone
  • Negative thinking continuously
  • Easy to be disappointed, angry, and offended
  • Difficult to carry out daily activities
  • Missing interest in things that are usually enjoyed
  • Suicidal thoughts

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